Dr. Catlos’ research interests encompass a broad spectrum of geological inquiries, spanning from understanding the development of the Himalayas and Carpathian mountain ranges to unraveling the complexities of large-scale extensional tectonics in western Turkey. She focuses on deciphering the chronology of geological events and uses advances in geochemical techniques, such as thermobarometry and geochronology, with a particular emphasis on studying garnet and accessory minerals like zircon, monazite, and allanite. The work involves fieldwork in diverse terrains and extends below ground to visits to operational and historical mines in Turkey and Slovakia. Through a combination of fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and rigorous modeling, she seeks to elucidate the geological processes that shape our planet’s surface and deep interior. Her research advances our fundamental understanding of plate tectonics, mountain building, extensional processes, and the evolution of Earth’s lithosphere over geological timescales. Her research program emphasizes active student involvement at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Under Dr. Catlos’ mentorship, students participate in field expeditions, laboratory analyses, and data interpretation, gaining hands-on experience in the scientific process.